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Fundraising event for Afghan women

The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan is a political/social organisation struggling for peace, freedom, democracy, and women’s rights in Afghanistan since 1977.

Learn the language of tango

Caminos de Tango will begin its latest course for beginners starting on Monday March 1 at 8pm in The Rowing Club.

Galway Earth Festival to be held on Monday

THE GALWAY Earth Festival takes place this Monday. A co-operation of musicians, artists, and volunteers, it will seek to raise funds and public awareness of the local and global environment through music, food, lectures, and craic.

Galway Rowing Club, one hundred years

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Competitive rowing had been taking place on the Corrib for many years when the Ancient Order of Hibernians decided to form a new club in 1910. They got local contractor Walter Flaherty (who had already built the Corrib Club) to build a wooden clubhouse on the site of the present Galway Rowing Club. It was tarred each year up to 1970 in order to preserve the wood, and so it became known as ‘the Blackening Box’. In that year also there was a dispute in Saint Patrick’s Rowing Club and a number of oarsmen left and joined the new club.

Learn tai chi in Galway

With the increasing interest in the West in making healthy lifestyle choices, finding ways to destress and regain balance, tai chi is becoming a popular choice due to its physical and mental health benefits. Stress is widely regarded as the underlying cause of many illnesses and tai chi is designed to teach practitioners to relax and reduce or avoid stress.


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