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Only those with A, B, C names get elected says Nolan

If your surname begins with A, B, or C, you are more likely to get elected than anyone else, so new methods which eliminate this subliminal bias are called for.

The man who said ‘Good day’ to Harvard

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The south Bostonian, James Brendan Connolly, was once described by Joseph Conrad as the ‘best sea-story writer in America’. He wrote 19 novels and short stories about ships and sailors at sea, the US navy, submarine patrols in World War I, and the heroic struggles of the Gloucester fishermen on the treacherous Grand Bank and Nova Scotia regions hunting for cod and halibut.

Irish Chamber Orchestra visits Castalia Hall

The Irish Chamber Orchestra takes to the road again from 14-17 July visiting venues in Kilkenny (Castalia Hall, Callan) on July 14.

De Valera, the pragmatist hero

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DURING REFERENDA on European treaties - such as during the recet Lisbon Treaty campaign - you will meet the odd excitable type who’ll tell you that he’s voting No because some closet member of Youth Defence or the Communist Party of Ireland told him the treaty would end Irish neutrality.


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