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Try regional specialities of Italy at Trattoria

In many seaside towns both here and afar, there always seems to be one main street filled with souvenir shops, a smattering of dull bars, and some terrible tourist-trap restaurants. In Galway we buck this trend and are lucky enough to have Quay Street, the buzzing heart of Galway’s Latin Quarter. It has medieval architecture, and a pedestrian street for browsing the many quirky little shops full of wooden toys, vintage clothes, and pottery, alongside the quality woollens and Celtic jewellery. The atmosphere in the pubs is fun and friendly, with the sound of music from trad to rock spilling onto the street. You are guaranteed entertainment from buskers and performers, a festival or passing parade, and it is the best place in the city on a sunny evening, when the outdoor seating is packed with tourists and locals engaged in 'people watching' and enjoying all the sights and sounds on our streets.

Il Vicolo

Opened on Buttermilk Walk more than two years ago, Il Vicolo is that clever combination of day-time cafe, wine bar, and restaurant. Breakfast, lunch, coffee, cake, dinner, and wine, it has the lot. Owned and run by Aoife Flaherty and Gerry McMahon, you have to admire the way they have made this very 'Tardis-like' space work for them. Things are a little better now than at the beginning with an small external kitchen giving the staff a little more room to breathe, but it is still bijoux by anyone's standards.

The Amalfi Coast : A Collection of Italian Recipes

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There is nothing better at this time of the year, whether you are planning a holiday at home or away, than flicking through cookery books dreaming of past getaways, trying to recreate scenes from an especially wonderful break.

Autumn at Basilico

Those clever chaps at Basilico Italian restaurant in Oranmore are ahead of the game, again, with their new free range and organic autumn menu. Basilico offers proper seasonal local food, and organic with a capital O; vegetables that have spent their lives knee deep in trillion-microbes-per-teaspoon loamy humus, not drip fed a Lance Armstrong cocktail of who knows what in some climate controlled polytunnel in deepest Alicante, or chickens which never saw sunlight in their life.

Tasty treats

Risotto primavera

CHEF’S corner - Fresh Fillet of Cod with Leek & Coriander Risotto

Serves: 2


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