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David Baddiel - ‘I’m very unreligious, but it doesn’t stop me being Jewish’

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David Baddiel has been one of the major names in British comedy over the past near quarter of a century, even if, for most of that time he has been a writer rather than a stand-up, but his new show Fame, Not The Musical, is finally bring him face-to-face with audiences again.

Augé and Ramsell’s ‘difficult second albums’

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IN THE way he presents his work at readings, Billy Ramsell has much in common with other poets who have emerged from the spoken end of the poetry spectrum during the past decade.

Susan Millar DuMars - searching for God in the everyday

WHERE IS God? Who is S/He? Does such a being even exist? What happens after we die? As long as people have walked the earth there have been and will continue to be these questions.

Through the glass darkly

It is not just Richard Dawkins, though he is a typical, contemporary, example. And it does seem as if science, dazzled, in many cases justifiably, by its own success in extending the boundaries of what we know about the physical world is uniquely liable to this particularly modern form of arrogance.

Oceans of frequency set Jape on new voyages

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WHEN YOU have created two of the best and most memorable Irish albums of recent years, won awards, had Brendan Benson play your songs at his DJ sets, and had people singing your words back at you in concert, the question must arise: How do I follow that?

Making dents in ignorance

GALWAY WILL be the last date on dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip’s upcoming tour but despite their gruelling schedule, the band will deliver nothing less than one hell of a great night. After all Galway is a city for which they genuinely have affection.

Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip @ Kelly’s

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SCROOBIUS PIP delivers the words to make you think and Dan Le Sac provides music that is infectious, catchy, and street-wise, creating an an irresistible combination for mind and feet.

New Ahmadiyya Muslim mosque must be a symbol of peace Khalifa tells Galway

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The Ahmadiyya Muslim community’s new mosque in Ballybrit must become a symbol of peace for the city and be a place for promoting harmony among Galway’s different communities.

Terry Eagleton - taking on the capitalists and atheists in Galway

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Terry Eagleton - Marxist, Christian, academic, literary critic, - and a provocative voice who relishes taking on those who disagree with him, is rightly regarded as one of the world’s foremost intellectuals.

NUIG professor to ask Did Darwin Solve it All?

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Charles Darwin made an immense contribution to science and to our understanding of ourselves as human beings when he put forward his theory of evolution exactly 150 years ago.

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