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Guarantee a no fuss barbecue with a delicious crowd pleaser, Simon Rimmer X Weber’s low and slow cooked beef ribs. Big and bold, these indulgent beef ribs are packed full of flavour and are unde

Guarantee a no fuss barbecue with a delicious crowd pleaser, Simon Rimmer X Weber’s low and slow cooked beef ribs.

Galway Democrats to celebrate July 4 with Creole barbecue

Galway based Americans, involved in Democrats Abroad Ireland, will be celebrating US Independence Day with a major BBQ this weekend.

A Cajun feast at Creole

Creole was an instant hit when it opened last summer. A long sunny evening in the terrace with a pile of ribs and a beer was time well misspent, and it has been popular ever since. Now, it's not really a place for vegetarians, there are only a few choices from quite a big menu. This is man food. In fact, when my current husband realised he could not join me at Creole, there was much gnashing of teeth. I brought The Bride instead.

On the cookery book shelf

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Weber’s Barbecue Anytime

Summer deals at Seamus Bracken Butchers

Make sure you get the best value for money this summer with barbecue deals and special offers from Seamus Bracken Butchers, Mullingar.

Barbecue tips and ideas

Now that we seem to be getting some reasonable weather most people will be hoping to have a barbecue, or indeed several barbecues. There are two major problems with this great idea; the weather and cooking the food perfectly for you and your guests. An open sided gazebo will help with the vagaries of the weather as it can act as a shield against the blazing sun or provide shelter from a shower. As far as getting the cooking right, the single best advice is to precook most of the items. I was invited to a barbecue recently by one of the top chefs in Galway and I asked him for some tips on how to get it right.


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Really good quality pork is one of the foods that can really make a passionate chef all misty eyed. Pork is a meat which is still great value and when the cuts which are often regarded as the cheap parts are used, a meal of outstanding value and taste can be had. For me the two best cuts of pork are the belly and ribs. Indeed these cuts require a little more work and attention than the more often used loin and legs but the little bit of effort is undoubtedly worth the work.


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