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Gender pension gap in Ireland at 40pc is unacceptable says Harkin

Independent MEP Marian Harkin has hit out at Ireland's gender gap in the area of pensions, pay, and overall earning potential.

Free seminar tonight on pensions

SCCUL Enterprises are pleased to present a free seminar on the area of Pensions tonight Thursday  October 22 at 7pm. The seminar will take place in SCCUL Enterprise Centre, Ballybane.

Pensions Advice with

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Mandatory Pensions on the Horizon?

Is a pension plan worth the bother?

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Juggling the family finances is a tricky business for all of us. The mortgage has to be paid each month, other loans need to be addressed, insurances must be paid, food must be put on the table, everyone must have clothes etc.… And all of this is before we even start thinking about the nicer things in life such as social outings, holidays and the rest!

Over half of retirees not ready for retirement

‘Retirement in Ireland 2014: A Survey Report’ from the Retirement Planning Council has revealed that more than half of those approaching retirement or recently retired did not feel ready for retirement prior to undertaking a retirement planning course. The new report from the Retirement Planning Council is based on an extensive national survey of over 648 people who are either approaching retirement or had recently retired in the last 12 months.

What does this Budget mean for you?

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These are the main provisions that will affect you.

The Retirement Planning Council urges employers to help staff prepare for retirement

The Retirement Planning Council of Ireland is calling on employers to give the gift of a retirement planning course to their employees this Christmas. A recent campaign by the Retirement Planning Council emphasises how retirement can be the most daunting time of a career and preparation is crucial in order to maximise the time ahead.

Anxiety rises among elderly in the Midlands as Budget 2014 looms

Members of Active Retirement Ireland (ARI) in the Midlands region met in Tullamore this week to discuss the cumulative impact of austerity on the elderly to date and to raise these concerns with local representatives as Budget 2014 approaches. Many who are reliant on the State pension noted the erosion of its value due to additional taxes and rising prices. Accompanied by reduced entitlements and benefits, the elderly are at increasing risk of experiencing isolation, dependency, and deprivation. Members, in their submission, request the protection of the pension and the reversal of savage cuts made to the household benefit package introduced in Budget 2013.

Pope’s resignation will change how we view work and ageing

Little did he know it when he made his surprise announcement on Monday morning, but the decision of Pope Benedict to retire may have a profound impact on how the world views work and ageing. It was a brave decision, given that he is in a post which has traditionally only been vacated in the event of a papal death, the ultimate job for life. It is a decision that can be viewed two ways by those of advanced years — it can be seen as a sense of empowerment at being able to control one’s working life at a late age, or it could be demoralising because it represents a stark reality that at some stage, people just have to stop working merely because their bodies no longer allow them to continue.

Don’t make any quick decisions about your pension, urges expert

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One of Ireland’s top pension experts has warned Irish consumers to check their pensions and seek professional advice before making any decisions on it.


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