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Asthma and respiratory relief with Care Cure Acupuncture

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, an asthma attack is the direct result of a deficiency in the lung meridian (channel). Once this lung energy becomes blocked, the chi (vital energy) becomes unstable and triggers an immune system response restricting both inhalation and exhalation. This is accompanied by wheezing and sometimes a cough.

Acupuncture for respiratory conditions

Acupuncture has been found to be very beneficial for the respiratory system as it first finds the root cause of the problem, and a strategy is then developed to address this.

Salt therapy can assist in combating chest infections

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Help combat a chest infection or other respiratory infections with a visit to Western Salt Therapy, Mayo’s first salt therapy spa, located at Diamond’s Car Park, Ballina.

Treat asthma with a visit to the Western Salt Therapy Spa

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If you are suffering from asthma, visit Mayo’s first salt therapy spa at Diamond’s Car Park, Ballina. Salt therapy is 100 per cent drug free and is a scientifically proven treatment for respiratory and skin conditions.

Westport mourns double tragedy

The town of Westport was plunged into mourning this week after the death of two men last weekend. On Sunday the body of Noel Gill, who had gone missing in the Dutch city of Rotterdam on November 19, was found. Mr Gill was last seen by a friend in the city between 4am and 4.30pm close to the Erasmus Bridge, near Churchillplein in the city centre. A large scale appeal to help find Mr Gill was launched by his family and friends online including a website and Facebook appeals in their effort to locate him. Mr Gill had been in Rotterdam for over a year at the time he went missing, but would return to Mayo regularly to see his wife Cindy and their two children.


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