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True Life in God talk announced for Athlone

A talk will be given in the Prince of Wales Hotel, Church Street, Athlone, on Saturday April 12, by Yorkshire native Kathryn Coakley on the message of ‘True Life in God’ - on the signs and prophecies of these end of times and on Christian unity.

Athlone Midlands Samaritans are looking for new volunteers

The Athlone Midlands branch of Samaritans are gearing up for a recruitment of new volunteers and will hold information nights about their work at the Sheraton Athlone Hotel on Tuesday April 8 and Monday April 14 at 8pm.

Festival fun

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The launch of the programme for the third Galway Food Festival was held on Monday in one of my favourite Galway hang out spots, the lovely House Hotel. The late lamented Gerry Gavin had launched the first festival programme and the delightful Máirín Uí Chomáin the second. This year Ronan Byrne (aka The Friendly Farmer) did the honours beautifully. In a break with convention, they had not sought out a food celebrity, but in keeping with the theme of the festival, 'Food Traditions', a man of the land was called for. JP McMahon, festival chairperson, and Heather Flaherty also spoke at the launch.

‘Ordinary people who witnessed something extraordinary’

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The story of Knock and the miraculous apparition of the Virgin Mary, St Joseph, and John the Evangelist, in the small, hillside village 135 years ago, has been well-documented in Mayo and beyond. Few people who attended a school in this county could have managed to get through without hearing it at least once or twice.

Public lecture on Islam and democracy

Islam, Secularism, and Democracy is the title of a public lecture which will be given in NUI Galway on Monday February 17.

Mindfulness — what is it, and what are the effects?

Perhaps to begin with a definition is best. Mindfulness is knowing what is happening while it is happening, with a non-judgmental attitude, indeed an open curious attitude. So what does this mean for you? With so many demands of modern living, we often follow habitual patterns. We repeat again and again the same old reactions to life events, particularly when our buttons are pushed. This usually leads to the same old unsatisfactory outcomes. As Tony Robbins once said, “Do what you always do, and you will get what you always get.” To enhance our own wellbeing, and respond to life’s challenges in a new way, it is helpful to train our own minds to become more aware of, and to weaken, our habitual patterns.

Galway Quakers to hold ‘open house’ this weekend

Galway’s Quaker community will hold an ‘open house’ in St Nicholas’ Parochial School, Waterside, this Saturday from 1pm to 5pm.

One hundred people a day call the Samaritans in Galway

The office of the Samaritans at 14 Nuns Island Galway received approximately 33,700 contacts in the last twelve months — almost one hundred contacts to its centre every day of the year.

Remembering the true meaning of Christmas

A group of young people involved in organising an evening of prayer at Galway Cathedral in the run up to the festive season will take to the streets to encourage people to remember the true meaning of Christmas.

Athlone Springs hosts inspirational sports evening

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Even though Christmas is just around the corner the team at Zen Fitness are forward thinking for their members and their 2014 goals.


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