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Mark Thomas - a dissenter’s challenge to the status quo

HE IS taking the British police to court over data collection; held a flash mob in Apple’s London store in protest against multi-nationals and tax avoidance; ran a pro-choice rally in Belfast; and is determined to get banned from every Tesco store.

Julian Gough shortlisted for BBC short story award

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Author, poet, singer, and playwright Julian Gough has been nominated for the BBC International Short Story Award for his story The iHole.

Everlasting Moments kicks off film club’s spring schedule

Ballina Film Club’s spring programme kicks off on Tuesday February 9 with Everlasting Moments. Jan Troell’s period drama tells the story of Maria (Maria Heiskanen), a simple woman married to a charming but hopeless redneck, who became a photographer at a time when no woman would have dreamt of embracing such a profession and no man, certainly not the kind of working class lout she had for a husband, would condone it. Maria wins a camera in a lottery, but ignores it for years, being far too busy working her fingers to the bone, first as a cleaning woman and then as a seamstress. One day she tries to sell the camera to the local photographer (Jesper Christensen), who insists she should try it first before getting rid of it and offers her some useful tips. This is the beginning of a beautiful platonic friendship which her husband hates and distrusts. Told in a precise, authoritative, manner, the dense fabric of the plot and all its various ingredients are put together in an exemplarily clear narrative, accompanied by a spectacular visual style. Film starts at 8pm. Admission is €7 and seasonal membership rates are available.


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