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Don’t leave it until secondary school to get help with maths

This is the advice for all parents of primary school children who are experiencing difficulties at school with this core subject. Frank Murphy, manager of FCL Galway, explains that one of the keys to success in maths is having a solid fluency in the foundational maths skills that are taught in primary school. Too often, students do not get sufficient practice at the different basic skills and so lack the confidence needed to tackle the more complex ideas that appear in secondary school mathematics and beyond. Often students lack the necessary fluency and feel that they are “no good at maths”.

Skeff receptionist Melissa Mills to appear on Channel 4’s Countdown

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London born Melissa Mills, who has been living and working in Galway for three years, will appear on Channel 4’s Countdown game show on May 20.

Galway Countdown star gets ready to appear in the quarter final next week

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Galway man Liam Moloney is excited about his appearance in the quarter final of Countdown on Channel 4 next week. Mr Moloney is a huge fan of the show and his initial appearances on the programme earlier this year saw him fulfill a lifelong dream.

'The dream is not over'

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To describe Liam Moloney as a fanaticial fan of the TV show Countdown is something of an understatement. Liam has been watching the show religiously since he was a youngster and to appear on the programme has been a lifelong dream. Following three applications, he managed to do just that this week and to acquit himself as well as he did during his time on the show has been an experience beyond his wildest dreams.


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