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North Beach Poetry Nights

RITA ANN Higgins will read from her new poetry collection Ireland is Changing Mother at this month’s North Beach Poetry Nights.

Rita Ann Higgins to launch new poetry collection

RITA ANN Higgins’s latest collection of poetry, entitled Ireland Is Changing Mother, will be launched in Galway on Friday September 16.

Rita Ann Higgins to read at Over The Edge

RITA ANN HIGGINS, one of Galway’s greatest and most outspoken poets, will read at the May Over The Edge: Open Reading in the Galway City Library, on Thursday May 26 at 6.30pm.

Japanese/Irish poetry event at Charlie Byrne’s

JAPANESE POET Hisa Kagawa and Galway poet and playwright Rita Ann Higgins will be reading from their work at Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop tomorrow at 6pm.

‘The sharpness of the factory girl’s tongue’

In the late 1980s a number of innovative ideas were introduced to industry and business, that cleared the runway for the Celtic Tiger take off. The one that made great sense, and had an energy about it, was the inventory strategy known as just-in-time. A Japanese idea that spread through Europe like a Spanish forest fire in a heat wave. Instead of stockpiling raw products for manufacture or for sale (with all the attendant headaches of storage costs, temperature, accounting, etc, etc,) the management skill was to wait until stocks were low, and then pick up the phone and make sure your supplier gave you exactly what you needed at the right time, in the right place, and the exact amount just-in-time. Suddenly, everyone was doing it. Suppliers were kept on their toes, trucks delivered through the night, and a bit of excitement was injected into the work place.

Rita Ann Higgins - the fearless poetic voice

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RITA ANN Higgins has been one of the most individual and outspoken voices in Irish poetry for the last 25 years and her poetic journey continues with the publication of the ‘part essay, part rhyme’, Hurting God, a fascinating refection on family, religion, memory, and community.

Legal fears that Rita Ann’s new book will be destroyed

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Nine hundred copies of Hurting God, a new collection of essays and poems by Galway’s Rita Ann Higgins, may have to be pulped following controversy over some of its passages.


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