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Online or face-to-face the same challenge ultimately

Q: I have an unusual situation unfolding at the moment. I am going for a job in a semi-state organisation, and the first interview took place online via Zoom. I have now been called to the second interview. However, they have decided to hold this one face to face in their offices in late June.

Old courses can still be relevant

Q: I have done dozens of courses over the years. Now that I am refreshing my CV, should I take most of them out? Who cares that 20 years ago I did a course managing people more effectively? The world of people management has changed beyond all recognition in the meantime. Should I hit ‘delete’ on that courses, and many others? (ED, email).

How did you prepare for this interview?

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Q: In a recent job interview, I was asked a very unusual question: ‘how did you prepare for this interview?’ I didn’t know what to say and muttered something about reading their website. In fact, I had put in a huge amount of preparation, including speaking to somebody who works there and doing two sessions with a career coach, but I wasn’t sure I should reveal all of that. Would it show that I was lacking something? (AC, email).

Form filling endurance tests take time

Q: The closing date is tomorrow. Last night, after much procrastination, I finally opened the application form and started to fill it out. I failed. Between the requests for examples of competencies, exhaustive previous experience, exact number of months worked, and a whole host of other questions, I just couldn’t get it done. Is this a common experience? I hate missing out on this job opportunity but I simply ran out of road. (LD, email).

Eight reasons why a short course can be a winner

Q: I want to improve my skills with a view to advancing in my career. I have looked at a few courses on sites such as and, and they look good, but they don't seem to have great accreditation. Should I bother with them?

Strong push can take you over the line

Q: I am going for an interview in my company and the field is bound to be very competitive. It’s a great job. People from inside the company are eyeing it up, as are others from similar companies. A woman could get nervous thinking about the opposition. How should I approach the interview? (OL, email).

Twenty things a good MC does

Q: This might be an unusual one, but as it’s related to my career, I said I’d run it by you. Next week, I’ve been asked to act as MC for an event we are running. All our big customers will be there, and so will all our head buck cats. I want to make a good impression. It’s a huge affair – about 400 people and the full audio-visual treatment. I was picked because I’m a pretty good talker but this is a whole other level of stuff. Any tips? (M McM, email).

Four questions to ask at the end of the interview

Q: I'm always asked at the end of the interview if I have a question for them. I can never think of what to say. I'm generally dying to make my escape. Any suggestions? (EK, email).

Home is where the work is

Q: Twelve months ago, I was offered a new part-time job, two days a week, working from home. They would give me a laptop and phone; contribute to my broadband and various other perks. I’d always been a bricks-and-mortar type employee and I thought I’d never adjust. A year on, I wouldn’t change it for the world. They’ve offered me a third day per week. I don’t have a question; rather, an observation that if an old dog like me can learn new tricks, no-one should dismissing working from home without first trying it. (YJ, email)

Glasson farmers to the fore at Lakeland Dairies milk quality awards event

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Two Glasson farmers were rewarded for their prowess at the Lakeland Dairies Milk Quality awards. Conor and John Spollen’s achievements in the dairy sector were rewarded in the ‘New Entrants to Dairy Farming’ category as they claimed the top award in acknowledgement of the exceptional quality of milk they regularly produce.


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