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‘Anxiety was regular and my self esteem non-existent,’ Athlone native recalls

One’s formative years are laden with developmental perspectives of the environment in which they inhabit.

Typical questions that candidates worry about

This week, I have compiled a list of regular questions our coaches get asked by candidates, and the answers we typically give, writes Mary O’Brien-Killeen, Career Coach, Slí Nua Careers.

Hanley calls for dedicated Eating Disorder Team for west of Ireland

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A dedicated team to tackle eating disorders in the west of Ireland, and provide support and treatment to sufferers, must be established.

Heal and grow with Gestalt therapy

Covid 19 has caught us in the grip of a "new normal". Some of us have found it be be a positive experience and have enjoyed pressing the Pause Button. People are inspired to greater levels of compassion and kindness and challenges are being turned into opportunities.

Mental health during stressful times

We all feel stressed for a reason; never punish yourself for feeling what you feel. Life gets simpler the more you love and fully understand yourself. Building the self-awareness and finding the root cause of your negative emotions is the first step to helping you understand why you are feeling the way you are.

Curiosity comes good again during lockdown

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Curiosity (the shop) in Westport kept the good side out during the trying times of 2020 to still raise funds for a number of local groups and charities, despite their doors being closed for long periods.

'Getting To Know...'

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What is your idea of perfect happiness?

'Getting To Know...'

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What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Enjoy guilt free styling with Remington’s Hydraluxe range

Excessive heat from years of styling can often leave hair feeling dry, malnourished and stripped of its natural moisture.

Four key skills to improve your emotional intelligence

Q: I keep hearing about emotional intelligence. It seems to be a key skill managers seek in their employees. I have a general idea of what it is. But, how do I bring this out of me and even improve on it? (BC, email).


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