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Protein bars not as healthy as is assumed

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A new research report launched today by safefood has revealed that chocolate is the main ingredient in almost 40 percent of protein bars surveyed, with many also being high in saturated fat and containing added sugar and salt.

Paralympic athletes: diet for success

Now that the Olympics are over, our nerves won’t get a chance to settle down before switching to the excitement of the Paralympic Games. Paralympics Ireland is sending a team of 49 athletes to the Games, and we hope they will emulate the success they had in Beijing when they took home three gold medals, one silver, and one bronze. Here in the Midlands we have a local interest with local hand cyclist, Mark Rohan from Ballinahown, competing.

Milk testing satisfactory

The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food has carried out a full audit on three of the 23 milk testing centres throughout the country and all were found to be satisfactory.

Simple steps to weight gain

Ninety nine per cent of people simply do not consume enough food calories and are eating the wrong food. It happens time after time and someone will ask me how to gain weight, my first question is: “What have you eaten today?” and without a doubt most will say not much. You have to eat to fuel the body, plain and simple. Most men do not consume sufficient amounts of protein, complex carbs, fats, and they keep feeding on simple carbs that won’t help in weight gain and muscle gain.

Food as fuel - countdown to TriAthlone 2009

The key to nutrition, and sports nutrition in particular, is to feed the body’s cells the nutrients it needs to thrive and to repair damage efficiently. 


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