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Are we prepared for life after lockdown?

The answer to the above question for many of us would be “Hell yeah. Bring it”

Ensure you keep active during lockdown with Action Physio

The present Covid-19 lockdown restrictions are necessary to help our society battle this persistent pandemic which continues to detrimentally impact society.

The ups and downs of lockdown as a student

Over the past 10 months society has been swallowed up in this tsunami called Covid, and as everyone knows the students of the world have been locked away and forced into an impersonal, harsh, shadow of their reality. As one of the misfortunate students, I would like to share my experiences over the past two lockdowns.

Back to lockdown, back to streaming movies


Back to lockdown, back to streaming movies

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WITH THE cinemas closed again, the international box office is in limbo, and we are once again at the mercy of the streaming services. Thankfully Netflix have done a great job of refreshing its library. Here are a few films you may not have caught first time around that are worth checking out.

Relight your fire during lockdown

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The run up to Christmas can be stressful enough, but when we are also in a second lockdown and things seem full of uncertainty it can play havoc with our mental health. Maybe you have had enough of it all, and are feeling sick and tired of the situation and slipping into melancholy and depression. Chinese medicine, which uses powerful acupressure points and food-medicine for the body and soul, has some simple, easy tips to take care of yourself and raise your mood.

Dining in is the new dining out

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The lockdown means that we can no longer enjoy dining at our favourite restaurants, or indeed discovering new favourites, but that does not mean we have to forego the pleasure and convenience of a professionally prepared meal.

Lockdown brings drop in crime in city, but speeding offences double

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The restrictions of lockdown were the probable causative factors of the decline in almost all criminal activity in the city for the first nine months of this year, the City Council Joint Policing Committee meeting was told this week.

How do you feel about remote working six months on from lockdown?

The opinions of those who are six months into working from home are being sought by the authors of a national remote working survey commissioned by the Whitaker Institute at NUI Galway and the Western Development Commission.

Online auctions performing well despite post-lockdown fears

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Online auction specialist IAM Sold Property Auctions, which runs the Connacht, Munster, Leinster, and Northern Ireland Property Auctions, says that demand remains strong in the property market post lockdown.


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