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The not- so- humble spud

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My neighbour offered me some of his new potatoes last week, and as there was a distinct lack of tasty goodies in the Shaw household for dinner that day I picked up the garden fork and filled a pot with freshly dug spuds. I was not sure of the varieties but after 15 minutes steaming I saw that they were all beautiful floury types, with their jackets bursting open.

Sweet potato

The sweet potato, or boniato, is in fact not a potato at all, but a member of the morning glory family. This versatile vegetable has a great many uses and makes a refreshing change from the traditional spud. The sweet potato is ideal for roasting, making soups, for purees, and many more culinary uses. Additionally the bright orange colour of the vegetable tells us that the sweet potato is also a good source of carotene and vitamin A. Additionally this vegetable is regarded as the most important tropical root crop in the world. Introduced into Africa, possibly by slave traders, the sweet potato has since its introduction steadily replaced the true yam in Africa as a major source of carbohydrate.

Tasty treats

Glazed bacon with red currant sauce 

Be a Christmas angel

Christmas dinner can be healthy. By not going too mad on the extras you can have a healthier Christmas and limit the damage to your waistline.


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