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Footwise Podiatry & Reflexology

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Lisa Cullina MChSI, MNRRI, BSc (Hons) podiatric medicine, of Footwise Podiatry & Reflexology, works with clients through reflexology and acupuncture as well as podiatry to help them put their best foot forward.

The Western Podiatry Clinic

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The Western Podiatry Clinic is located in the heart of Galway city at 7, Eglinton Street, most notably recognised for its red door and white sign.

Keep your feet healthy with Mayo Podiatry

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Brid McGing, owner of Mayo Podiatry Foot and Ankle Clinic, has over 15 years experience as a health care professional, having worked in both nursing and podiatry.

Great strides forward in foot drop treatment

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Orthotics are devices applied to the body to maintain or alter the position of a joint or body part and are used to reduce pain, improve functional mobility, and reduce the risk of further injury. Orthotics assist in the treatment of a range of pathologies including foot drop. But what is foot drop?

Look after your feet with Western Podiatry Clinic

The Western Podiatry Clinic is ideally located at 7 Eglinton Street, two doors down from the General Post Office. Recognised for its red door and white sign, Seamus O’Hagan and Associates has been established in the heart of Galway city since 1994.

Chiropody service and noted foot clinic at Town Centre

Providing a foot clinic and chiropody service, Catriona Byrne, MsPract, Dipchfp., is based in McGorisk’s Pharmacy at Athlone Town Centre and the Clonbrusk Primary Care Centre on Thursday mornings, with Molloy’s Pharmacy in Roscommon her location from Monday to Wednesday and on Saturday mornings also.

Foot clinic and chiropody service at McGorisks Pharmacy

Catriona Byrne at The Foot Clinic has been providing a chiropody service for the past seven years and continues to treat all aspects of foot and leg pain at McGorisks Pharmacy in Athlone Towncentre and Clonbrusk Primary Care Centre every Thursday afternoon.

Centralisation of chiropody services 'makes life a lot more difficult' for patients

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More than 300 chiropody appointments per month have been taken out of communities in Galway and centralised to Merlin Park Hospital, but instead of improving services, centralisation has "made life a lot more difficult for" patients.

Revolutionary nail fungal therapy treatment at Claregalway Foot and Laser Therapy Clinic

Nail fungal therapy, which has taken the world by storm, is now available in Galway. The new and revolutionary treatment is known as PACT and uses a photosensitive gel combined with LED light. It is safe and gentle, with no side effects, no drugs, and is fast and effective. It works regardless of severity and kills fungus and bacteria. 

Revolutionary nail fungal therapy at Claregalway Foot and Laser Therapy Clinic

Nail fungal therapy has taken the world by storm and is now available in County Galway.


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