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Getting rid of the troublesome women

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One of the remedies in dealing with overcrowding, and rebellious behaviour from frustrated and angry women in the workhouses during the famine years, was assisted emigration. This was done on a massive scale. Between 1848 and 1850, 4,175 women were sent direct from the workhouse system to Australia. This was in addition to the thousands already sent away assisted by landlords and other schemes to clear the land of unproductive tenants. The only cost to the individual Poor Law unions was for new clothes, and travel expenses to Plymouth, from where the girls embarked to the colony. 

Belclare’s Kevin Steede a Countdown champ

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A Galway man is making waves on Channel 4 gameshow Countdown. Kevin Steede, who is a native of Belclare, is now one of this year’s most successful contestants after winning eight games in a row. On average per series, only three or four individuals reach this stage of the competition.

GAC(h) Duine - music for everyone

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THE YEAR normally does not go by without the Galway Arts Centre hosting a number of music gigs, either in its HQ in Dominick Street or at the Nuns Island Theatre, but a three day music festival, focussing on indie, folk rock, and electronica, is a new departure.

Commander Bill King - a legend in his lifetime

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Last Friday, September 21, Commander Bill King passed away surrounded by his adoring family at Oranmore Castle, aged 102 years. It is often said that a man was a legend in his life time, but no man truly deserved that accolade more than the late commander.

On the Bar...

According to Seamus O’Hara in O’Hara’s bar in Thomastown the most unusual drink he’s ever had to pour was a long-iced tea, a favourite of a local bookmaker. Making this perfect tipple by shaking half a shot each of light white rum, Plymouth gin, Ketel One Vodka, Sauza Horitos tequila and Cointreau, along with a shot of freshly squeezed lime juice and a half shot of gomme syrup, and finally putting it into an ice-filled glass and topping it off with Coca Cola, there is probably only two people in Thomastown who could possibly afford such an expensive drink: the bookmaker, or any bookmaker for that matter in this economic climate, and the local man who dreamt a couple of weeks ago that he’d won millions in the National Lottery. It’s not often you hear the one about the man who walked into a bar to tell the one about his millionaire winnings. Such was the amazement from the locals that the bar poets got together and wrote the ballad of The Savage Dream in his honour. As an appetiser it begins:

Jamie Lawson to perform in HMV next week

HMV welcome Jamie Lawson to its Kilkenny store on Friday, 8 July - 1pm. Jamie will be promoting his latest album 'Wasn't Expecting That'.

Jamie Lawson @ Róisín Dubh

JAMIE LAWSON, the English singer-songwriter behind the song ‘Wasn’t Expecting That’ returns to play Galway tomorrow night.

Jamie Lawson - positive contradictions

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JAMIE LAWSON is something of a contradiction. In person he is shy and quiet but on stage he is a maelstrom of emotion and honesty.

Energie Fitness nominated for club of the year

Congratulations to Regina and the team at Energie Fitness for Women in Galway, who were nominated for Club of the Year at the annual Energie Fitness Evolution Awards in Birmingham on October 25.

Energie Fitness shortlisted for award

Congratulations to Regina and the team at Energie Fitness for Women, Galway, who were nominated at the Annual Energie Fitness Evolution awards in Birmingham for Club of the Year (Energie Fitness for Women).

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