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A mediaeval opera, a masterpiece, 'but one with catchy tunes'

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ON ONE day of the year, the teenagers were let run riot in the monastery, adolescent apprentice monks could dance, sing, clap their hands, shake their tonsures, boss around their elders, play cards in church, and stage a riotous show where an altar could explode, hide and seek games ran into the wee small hours, and the elders had no choice but to let them away with it.

Galway Early Music Festival 2015

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A FEAST of fools, ticking clocks, apocalyptic visions, and a time warp - time is of the essence at the 20th Galway Early Music Festival which runs from Thursday May 14 to Sunday 17.

Galway Early Music Festival returns in May

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THE 20TH Galway Early Music Festival returns, from Thursday May 14 to Sunday 17, with ancient, medieval, Renaissance and baroque music and dance. This year’s theme is ‘Time’, focussing on the cycle of the seasons, the monastic hours, the ‘ages of man’, and the ages of the world.


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