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Album review: Tame Impala

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WITH SONG titles like 'Yes I'm Changing', 'Love Paranoia', and 'New Person, Same Old Mistakes', you know you are in for a break-up album, but the theme is appropriate as a change in the life of Kevin Parker - who is Tame Impala, no matter how many other people are on stage - reflects a change in his music.

Syd Arthur - neo-psychedelic quartet play Galway

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IN PSYCHEDELIC music, few figures as pivotal as Pink Floyd’s Syd Barrett and Love’s Arthur Lee, so it is hardly surprising that both men should appeal to a quartet of Canterbury psych fans.

Any colour you like

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CATHERINE FLEMING may only be 18 years old, but already she has had three exhibitions, and her fourth, currently running in the Providence Market Kitchen on St Augustine Street, reveals her increasingly bold use of colour and abstraction.

Floyd and Zeppelin tribute nights

PINK FLOYD and Led Zeppelin will be celebrated at two different nights with tribute acts playing Monroe’s Live this month.

A green tribute to Pink Floyd

EPIC MUSICAL explorations of inner and outer space, the human psyche, and the outer limits of rock - Pink Floyd excelled in this like few others.

Adventures beyond the ultraworld with The Orb

THEY TRIPPED us out in 1991 with ‘Little Fluffy Clouds’ before sending us into the heart of deepest, darkest, space on Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld. This is The Orb.

Planet of sound

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BLUR IS a band I’ve long had a difficult relationship with - from loving their early psychedelic indie pop, then despising their Britpop era, to regaining admiration for the quartet’s late 1990s triumphs.

Ireland’s number one Doors tribute coming to Suede

The Roadhouse Doors Show is a complete tribute that recreates the look and feel and sound of a live 1960s Doors concert as closely as possible. This gig is a must-see for anyone who enjoys good live music, and not just Doors fans. The set spans the very best of the Doors repertoire, focusing mainly on the Jim Morrison years.


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TERRY REID could have been the lead singer in Led Zeppelin. Richie Blackmore wanted him to be Deep Purple’s frontman. Both incidents have gone down in legend to cast Terry as rock’s ‘great nearly man...’, but to think this way is to forget that Terry Reid has always been his own man.

UK Pink Floyd Experience @ Black Box

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“SO YA thought ya might like to go to the show?” sang Roger Waters on the opening lines of The Wall, and for Galway Pink Floyd fans the answer will be a resounding ‘Yes’.


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