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On telling ourselves stories

Plato’s dialogue Timaeus has bequeathed to us a famous phrase, eik?s muthos or “likely story.” Today we use the idiom “a likely story” to dismiss what we are told as a “tall tale.” But, here in the 4th century BC, the phrase refers to an articulation of possibility or a plausible report like a myth or a fable that offers an explanation for some mystery by way of stories and images. It makes perfect sense this phrase appears prominently in the Timaeus, for that dialogue is a story about the formation of the universe; of course, there are no eyewitnesses to that event to whom we can turn for a description.

Russell continues to deliver

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Exactly 12 years ago next week one of the great Galway United goals was planted at the Carlisle Grounds.

Augustine Hill project gets planning green light

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The backers of the game-changing Augustine Hill urban regeneration project to be built on lands at the rear of Ceannt Station have welcomed the news delivered this week that Galway City Council planners have approved the project, albeit with 53 conditions, most of which are standard.

Merlin College adds Polish and German to languages team

"The limits of my language mean the limits of my world." It was the great German philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein who said this, and he wasn’t wrong, especially now in our global digital world where the ability to communicate effectively in the environments of information technology, business, finance, or politics is of paramount importance along with many other caring professions such as medicine or NGO work.

Jack Taylor’s theatre of the absurd

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IN THE final novel in his Jack Taylor series, Ken Bruen’s most famous creation meets his end on Wolfe Tone Bridge after coming into sudden contact with the wrong end of a decidedly unfriendly blade.

Easing of restrictions gives cause for cautious optimism as Henshaw faces Champions Cup test

Hello to all the Advertiser readers.

The importance of napping and/or meditation

I am such a big fan of naps during the day, but some people find it very difficult to do this. I don’t care if I actually sleep. What I am trying to do is down regulate my system. Things can be very go, go, go! Without even noticing we can constantly be working hard and holding a bit of stress. That is why I try get at least a 30 minute nap. This way I get a chance to tune out, restart, and go again. The science is there to show that this improves productivity. This means you gain time by napping or meditating rather than waste it.

Series of coincidences reunites local family with prized sporting memorabilia


Scale of Augustine Hill reduced significantly in response to City Council planning requests

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The scale of the massive game-changing development Augustine Hill, to be located on lands adjacent to Ceannt Station, has been reduced significantly in a number of ways, in designs submitted in response to requests for further information from planners at Galway City Council.

Getting To Know...Raquel McKee

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What is your idea of perfect happiness?


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