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Lawn pests with Greenhand — the leatherjacket

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The leatherjacket is the larvae of the daddy longlegs or crane fly. The adult flies lay their eggs in the grass in the autumn and the resulting grubs live and grow under the soil, feeding on the roots of the grass, until they are ready to emerge as fully grown daddy longlegs the following summer.

Company enlists a hawk to sort out the pests

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When companies operate a ‘recruit a friend’ scheme for employees, recommendations rarely come with measurements of wing span, but Maximus is no ordinary recruit, he is a Harris hawk.

Pest infestations recorded in Mullingar hospital

There were 32 pest incidents recorded in Mullingar hospital in the past four years, according to records released this week.

Pest infestations rife in local hospitals

There were over 58 pest incidents recorded in Roscommon hospital and 26 in Portiuncula Hospital, Ballinasloe in the past five years, according to records released this week.


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