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Free seminar tonight on pensions

SCCUL Enterprises are pleased to present a free seminar on the area of Pensions tonight Thursday  October 22 at 7pm. The seminar will take place in SCCUL Enterprise Centre, Ballybane.

Is a pension plan worth the bother?

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Juggling the family finances is a tricky business for all of us. The mortgage has to be paid each month, other loans need to be addressed, insurances must be paid, food must be put on the table, everyone must have clothes etc.… And all of this is before we even start thinking about the nicer things in life such as social outings, holidays and the rest!

Financial advice

Can I claim tax relief on my life insurance costs?

Taking control of your future seminar

An interesting and informative evening is expected at The Days Hotel, Castlebar next Thursday evening (Oct 9). M&C Financial Services are holding a Seminar entitled Taking Control of Your Future. “With the recent downturn in the world economy, as well as the uncertainty in the stock markets and banking sectors, we feel that this is an excellent chance for people, to learn about how to make the most of the opportunities take are currently available to them. You can now take control of your investments, as well as your pension fund and see how to make your hard earned money work for you. Many pension funds are invested through banks and insurance companies, and the customer has little control over where and how their money is invested” said Tom Connolly, Director of M&C Financial Services.


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