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The Word Ark: a voyage worth taking

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On a bright Good Friday morning when Good Friday was Good Friday I was sitting behind the counter of the bookshop, then in High Street. Suddenly, the front door windows blacked out, the door opened and one of the biggest men I have ever seen walked in, followed by a much older man, obviously a relation. They greeted me in Irish and then passed through to the Gallery.

2020 Over The Edge poetry book showcase

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EMILY CULLEN, Jenny Farrell, and Nicola Geddes, will be among those reading at the 2020 Over The Edge Poetry Book Showcase, in Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop on Friday February 7 at 6pm.

What is poetry?

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BACK IN the day, when the only poetry textbooks in our secondary schools were Intermediate Cert Poetry and Leaving Cert Poetry, should an intrepid pupil have the temerity to ask “What is poetry?” the answer generally given was “a lyric”.

Book review: Little poems from Little John Nee

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HOW DO you take the work of a man of such great and varied talent as Little John Nee and distil it into a critique of 500 words? This man has busked with the Dice Man; became the iconic symbol of the early Galway Arts Festival parades; and was, for a period, Galway’s Pied Piper.


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