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Probe after thousands of confidential farm documents found on Tuam roadside

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The Galway County Council and the Data Protection Commissioner are to launch investigations in to what is being described as “a very serious incident” where a large number of confidential documents from the Department of Agriculture were found dumped outside Tuam. The rubbish was discovered strewn along a large portion of the Athenry Road near Ballyglunin.

Preparing to paint for the summer

Painting your home inside and out is one of those things that we have to do whether we like it or not, every few years, so the key is to prepare for the event and that is half the battle.

Crèche owner breached HSE childcare regulations

A professional childcare worker and owner of a crèche in Castlebar was found in breach of HSE childcare regulations.

Prepare to paint

A good paint job is at least 50 per cent preparation. Scrape minor cracks on walls and ceilings, fill them with spackling compound, let dry, sand, and fill again. Before you start painting, seal every gap or crack with the best quality latex caulk you can find. Look for trouble spots around doors, windows, corners, or where walls meet floors and ceilings.


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