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How to make your overseas experience work at home

Q: “I have been working as a primary school teacher in London for six years. I’ve worked in some challenging schools, to say the least – in almost every class, I had children from backgrounds where drug and alcohol misuse was rampant. Behaviour was a constant issue in those schools. I have got on quite well. I’ve also done some courses on school leadership. Now I want to move back to my home place in rural Ireland. I’m afraid that what I have done in London won’t really be relevant to rural or small town schools in Ireland, and that I should tone down my CV. Any advice?” (CT, email).

Live register figures dropping, but does it really tell the story?

We have a story this week in the paper about the live register being down in Mayo by more than 300 in April from what it was in March. But while any drop is welcomed, is it really telling the whole story? Over the next few weeks, thousands of third level students around the country and from this county will cease their full time education. As they balance their final exams over the next few weeks, they also have to look ahead to an ever more uncertain future. Some will stay on to do postgraduate study. For some it is something they always planned to do, while for others it can be a kind of half-way house between necessity and choice as the job prospects are not great in their chosen field at the minute and a postgraduate qualification is becoming the base entry requirement, as once a Leaving Certificate was, which then went on to a degree and now it’s postgraduate.


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