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The Quiet Man who caused quite a racket

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In terms of professional recognition and box office takings, the 1952 film The Quiet Man was a big success, the romantic comedy-drama was a gamble for Irish American director John Ford who was, until then, known largely for his high octane Westerns. The gamble paid off and Ford scooped his fourth Best Director Oscar for The Quiet Man. Though the film's stars John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara did not receive nominations, the film was nominated for seven awards and eventually won two at the 1953 Academy Awards. Its success was good news for Ireland, especially along the Mayo-Galway border, and the village of Cong in particular, where the film had been shot. Ford and his Hollywood entourage arrived in the west in the summer of 1951 to begin recording the film's outdoors scenes. The production had brought welcome employment to the area and the end result showcased the beauty of the region to a global audience.

The right of people to live their lives must be protected, everywhere

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Last Friday night, millions of people around the world did what millions of people do around the world every weekend. They ate, they drank, they laughed, they loved, they enjoyed music, they watched football. They did things to see off the stresses of the working week. They were doing things that people of an age do, they were enjoying life, a life to which they had become accustomed.

Children eat free and grown ups tackle the Bad Ass Challenge at Capones

September is a tough time of year with children going back to school. Parents have spent a small fortune on uniforms and books etc there is very little left for those little treats or breaks from cooking, so for the month of September, children eat free in Capones between 12 noon – 6pm every day.

Capones to make the hit list for top food, killer deals, and service

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Gangster, bootlegger, and enemy number one, Al Capone once terrorised Chicago, but in Knocknacarra where his mugshots have moved from the police files to gracing the walls of the ever popular restaurant, Capones, his name has become synonymous with great food and service.

Capone’s offers new menu and delivery service

Capone's diner and takeaway is a family run business situated across the road from the Knocknacarra Shopping Centre at Kingston Hall.

Nine gang suspects still being questioned

Nine men, arrested as a result of a major operation against drug and organised crime, are still being detained and questioned by gardai this morning.

Connemara man turned US mob king to feature in TG4 series

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The IFTA nominated Tg4 series Mobs Mheiriceá continues this week with Pat Nee’s journey from Rosmuc, Co Galway, to the top of the Boston mob.

Kilkenny doctor victim of Thai airport scam

A Kilkenny doctor was the victim of a scam at a Thai airport in which visitors are falsely accused of shoplifting and have to pay large sums of money to police to be freed.

Paul Reynolds to address NUIG Law Society

RTÉ crime correspondent Paul Reynolds will address a public meeting in NUIG next week where he will look at the issue of organised crime in modern Ireland.


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