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Sheridan’s Winebar for a tipple

Sheridan's Winebar is located on the lovely St Nicholas’s Church square in the centre of the city where the famous Galway market is held every Saturday. Having launched their cheesemongers more than 20 years ago, Kevin and Seamus Sheridan have added this wine bar above the cheese shop and overlooking the church. This is where you will find the chefs of the city on their day off and it is a social hub for the market traders. If you are observant you may see the ladies on the organic vegetable stall across from the entrance keeping warm with a glass of red in the winter, or cooling off with something sparkling on a hot day.

Sundays and Tuesdays are summer sharing evenings at dela

The past year has seen dela going from strength to strength, with accolades from Lucinda O’Sullivan and the McKenna Guides of particular note.

Galway-made natural weedkiller offers organic solution to weeds

Irish Organic Weed Killer was developed in 2009 by Galway businessman Oisin Concannon. Conscious of the dangers of chemicals to children and pets, he was looking for a non-toxic weedkiller in his local hardware stores. He discovered that no 100 per cent natural weedkiller existed in the Irish market and set about developing a natural Irish-made alternative to chemical weedkillers.

How to get the best from your wines

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Over the last few years we have seen a massive growth in the supply of wines from all over the world, some good, some not so good. We have seen changes like screw caps, initially scorned by all, now accepted in homes and restaurants all around the world. One curious fact about screw caps is that they have been accepted more readily by women, while men still hanker after the traditional corkscrew. Personally, I have only had one bad wine from a screw cap, but several from bottles with corks.

Artisan food fair for Mullingar

An artisan food fair is set for Mullingar next weekend, just in time for Christmas shoppers. The fair, which will be held in the Mullingar Park Hotel will take place on Saturday December 13 and Sunday December 14 from 11am to 5pm.

Come and taste Vendemia’s wines this weekend

On Sunday March 1, Vendemia Wines’ door at the shop in the Hebron Road Industrial Estate will be wide open.

Organic wines

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I am often asked whether drinking organic wines will stop certain reactions like redness of the face or nasty headaches. These are some of the reactions that certain people get when drinking wine and it is not very pleasant I’m sure. First of all, the theory: ‘organic wines’ have to be made from 100 per cent organic grapes. This is important as if you see a label that says ‘made from organic grapes’ this may mean that only 70 per cent or more organically grown grapes were used in the making of the wine. Organic wines are grown without any manmade pesticides or fertilisers. Historically there were tons and tons of this stuff used, and there are legendary tales from the wine regions about fertiliser salesmen who became very wealthy unloading disgraceful amounts of this stuff with sales pitches where they told each grape grower how their neighbour was using so many tons per hectare, etc. Organic wineries do not add bags of oak chips to add flavour and they use only a very basic and traditional method for making the wine.

National Organic Week


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