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Castlebar Toastmasters to hold open house

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Speaking in public is something that can be a daunting prospect for many people but yet, being able to confidently in public is something that has become a requirement for so many activities today.

Council laments lack of applications for 2017 festival funding


Honor Heffernan - The Whistling Girl

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DOROTHY PARKER was famed for her wit, which could be as brilliant as it was nasty, but it is often forgotten that she was a civil rights activist, a supporter of Martin Luther King, and chronicler of the Spanish Civil War.

The Whistling Girl - evoking the world of Dorothy Parker

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THE CAUSTIC wit, high times, eventful life, and inner shadows of writer Dorothy Parker are all evoked in The Whistling Girl, a new musical show featuring the combined talents of composer Trevor Knight and actor/singer Honor Heffernan.

Speech and language resources for parents at Activate Speech

Activate Speech is based in Headford and supplies speech and language resources suitable for parents. Designed by a local speech and language therapist with nearly 30 years experience, these packs target key areas of common problems children have when starting to speak. So, if you are worried about your child’s speech then these may be for you.

Yeats College Irish oral preparation course

As the exam season approaches, oral examinations will be taking place over the coming weeks in the language subjects. A great deal of emphasis is placed on the spoken element of the language examinations, with between 20 and 25 per cent of the marks allowed for the oral element. A strong performance in the oral examinations can set students up for an excellent overall result in Irish, French, German, and Spanish. It is important, therefore, that students spend time preparing for their oral language examination. While students cannot predict what direction their conversation may take, there are a number of common themes and techniques which can be utilised to help improve performance.

Enjoyed the play? Hear how they did it

SOMETIMES YOU enjoy and admire a play, a dance show, or a painting or sculpture, so much that you become fascinated by the story behind it.

Use spirituality to empower your goals

Are you stuck in feelings of lack or just wanting more to share? Lectures and workshops in learning the techniques which dissolve old patterns of denial and fear, and which allow you to experience the world with more joy, aliveness and abundance, will take place this month in Castlebar.

De-clutter your way to home heaven

If the old newspapers are piling up, the dusty ornaments and toys are just everywhere or your unused clothes are starting to celebrate double-digit birthdays then you’ve found yourself in clutter hell.


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