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Apprehensive optimism pervades as local schools return to classroom setting

Contained optimism layered with an air of apprehension is the prevalent emotion pertaining to matters education at this time as schools at both primary and secondary levels prepare for an imminent return to a classroom setting, nigh on six months from their closure in mid-March as the COVID-19 pandemic detrimentally impacted upon the customary teaching routine.

Time for renewed optimism as roadmap to recovery journey formally commences


McHugh optimistic about the future of Mayo

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In a year where she emerged as one of the shining lights in Irish politics, the Green Party’s Saoirse McHugh is cautiously optimistic about what lies ahead.

Appreciating the architects of our optimism

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I have always been an optimist. Even in the gravest of circumstances, facing adversity in the extreme, the glass moving into view in my rear view mirror has been half full. A lot of this I attribute to my mother, not because she was a raging optimist or anything, but because she always believed in the capacity of a raffle ticket to keep ya going. Mum, who passed away last October was an avid competition addict. She kept the newsagents in Ballinrobe going with her weekly stash of magazines on myriad subjects, not because of any latest interest in the subject matter, but because the said magazine would have a crossword or a competition that necessitated a bit of research, a stamp, and an envelope; And off it would go in the post.

Talos - pain, optimism, and indie-pop

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"I'M AN architect. But it’s not my profession. I love making music. At times, I design things…and it’s a welcome release. But music is what I do.” So says Talos who plays Galway this month.


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