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Irish companies will succeed with e-commerce

Irish companies are lagging behind and losing massive market share to their UK  and US counterparts according to research by the .ie Domain Registry (IEDR). - A new online Irish department store is a new online department store focusing on getting Irish retailers online and competing with the larger high street UK names that are dominating the marketplace here in Ireland. Online retail is worth about €3bn a year and growing by 20 per cent year on year so the news that the Exchequer is down by some €300 million in VAT may come as a surprise to some people.

Cash Convenience for cash on demand

Cash Convenience based on 54 John Street is a modern-day buy, sell, and loan store, retailing everything from jewellery to iPods, computers, mobile phones, hi-fi systems, cameras, and most items of value.

Swap unwanted Christmas gifts for cash

During these challenging times it is becoming more and more important to get the best value for your euro and not to waste money on items that you don’t want.

Sales fever

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Christmas is almost upon us. While we are all getting ready to celebrate this special occasion and enjoy some quality time with family and friends at the back of some of our minds are thoughts of the next major event in the festive calendar - the Christmas sales.

Mayo people plan before they Christmas shop

When it comes to Christmas shopping, who would have thought teachers are the biggest penny-pinchers, that teenagers hate the whole experience, and that men are bigger planners than women. But predictably, people who work in the charity and volunteer sector are the most generous Christmas shoppers and pensioners are the greatest planners with lots of time on their hands!

GardaĆ­ warn against online fraud this Christmas

With the busiest shopping period of the year upon us, especially online, the public and retailers alike are being advised to take steps to protect themselves from fraud by the Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation.

Employees to spend three hours Christmas shopping on-line

Sixty-three percent of employers predict that employees will spend three hours or more shopping online during company time over the next two months, according to a Pan-European survey conducted among members of the global IT consultancy association, ISACA.

Cash Convenience - a modern day buy and sell store

Cash Convenience based on 54 John Street is a modern day buy and sell store. Retailing everything from jewellery, iPods, computers, mobile phones, hi-fis, and cameras, and basically most items of value.

New loyalty card seeks new members

Diamond Card is a membership card that operates in both Kilkenny and Malahide.


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