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Boxer’s Housing Bill passes final stages in Oireachtas

The Land and Conveyancing Law Reform (Amendment) Bill 2019 has formally passed all stages in Oireachtas.

With almost ninety trafficked women selling sex in Galway, local politicians are asked to support new law

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The Immigrant Council of Ireland is urging Galway TDs and senators to show their support for the publication of the heads of the Criminal Law [Sexual Offences] Bill 2014 which proposes wide ranging reforms of the current law.

Food for thought from the recent by-elections

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It was all about by-elections last weekend - two Dáil by-elections being watched closely with a view to gauging the mood music of the electorate; a Seanad by-election generating an inordinate amount of interest as the Government inflicted an unnecessary wound on itself; and two parliamentary by-elections in England which may yet prove to be of some interest this side of the Irish Sea.

Make your ideas count in shaping the Ireland you want, says RA senator

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Everyone is asking will Reform Alliance be a new political party. That may happen in time but that decision has not yet been made.

MEP calls for immediate Seanad reform group

If the government refuses to bring forward proposals to reform the Seanad Fianna Fail which led opposition to its abolition should make reform a central plank to its manifesto for the next General Election.

Galway’s polling stations open at 7am tomorrow

Galwegians are being asked to exercise their democratic right to vote tomorrow in the Seanad and Court of Appeal referenda in one of the 15 polling stations open across the city from 7am to 10pm.

Government accepts FF legislation on shared maternity leave

Fianna Fáil has welcomed the Government’s decision to accept the Parental Leave Bill 2013, presented in the Seanad by Senator Mary White.

Westport councillor wants Seanad abolished

Councillor Keith Martin of the Labour Party says he will canvass for the abolition of the Seanad when the promised referendum is called. Cllr Martin says that the upper house of the Oireachtas is beyond reform and a drain on the nation's resources.

Constitutional Convention — a missed opportunity for radical appraisal by citizens

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At a critical stage in the evolution of the State, we failed to use our education system to address the question of constitutional illiteracy when it might have developed the capacity of citizens to engage critically with their State. We opted for different versions of unthinking nationalism when we might at least have opted for thinking nationalisms.

Government slammed for ‘utterly contemptuous’ approach to referendums

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A Galway city councillor has slammed the GoverNment for its “utterly contemptuous” move to hold referendums and expect people to vote today when there has been “next to no debate” on the very serious issues involved.


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