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Gardenwise | Seasonal scents to lift the spirits

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Anything that makes the garden more inviting in winter has to be a good thing, am I right? So this week I thought we might look at plants with attractive scents for winter – easily overlooked, but worth exploring if you believe, as I do, that a garden should work hard for you for twelve months of the year. Most of the favourites on my list are winter flowering shrubs that will sit quietly in the wings for months until it’s their time to shine – so placing of them needs careful thought. If possible, you want them near the front door, or near a path where you can enjoy the fragrance as you pass – but you might want to combine them with something more decorative for the rest of the year.

Christmas at Goya’s

There are certain scents that inevitably trigger memories of Christmases past. The smells of Christmas are every bit as important as the sights and sounds, and one of the finest olfactory fixes at this time of year has to be in Goya's. Come December, the usual stack of cardboard cake boxes behind the counter are cleared away to make room for the rows of fat plum puddings wearing an elegant livery of bows — red, green, and blue ribbons depending on their poundage. The aromas of citrus and spice, cinnamon and vanilla, have been bringing Christmas to life on Kirwan's Lane for many years.

Scents of an Ending

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If asked to name some autumn scented plants could you do it? It might be trickier than you think, as the scents we associate with autumn usually tend towards the woodsmoke / damp leaves / spiced pumpkin variety, no? Actually I suspect spiced pumpkin has more to do with Starbucks than with autumn, in this part of the world anyway, thanks to the cult status of the PSL in recent times. (For those aged 21 and over that’s the Pumpkin Spiced Latte, obviously).

Durance – a scentual experience

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Master perfumers from Grasse employ all their expertise and creativity to design delicate, elegant, and well balanced perfumes.  They really do know how to make the highest of quality fragrances. 

Stay fresh with natural deodorant

It is important to choose the right deodorant which meets your needs and ensures you feel fresh all day. With such a large selection in the shops it can be difficult to know which one is right for you.

Create your own scentsational perfume

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Perfume plays a vital almost indefinable role in our lives. Like the clothes we wear, it makes a statement about us. It can suggest confidence, femininity, a sensitive nature or romantic soul.

Home fragrances for the great outdoors

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Inspired by nature to stimulate the senses, The Body Shop introduces a luxurious range of home fragrances to enhance the most stylish of interiors.

Get golden summer skin

Get set for summer with a subtle summer glow with new St Tropez Everyday Mousse. This instant-dry formula gradually delivers a hint of natural-looking, golden, colour to the skin. With its lightweight, velvety, texture and aloe vera-infused formula, St Tropez Everyday Mousse simply glides on providing effortless glamour every day.

Win them over with this year’s winter fragrances

The Christmas season brings with it a whole new scent. It is almost as if the air adopts a unique aroma of pine, cinnamon, and spices that sets your mind on the Christmas period.

Banish BO without chemicals

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A solid stone deodorant which promises to banish body odour without the need for chemicals is the new must-have body product.


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