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Rúibín re-open as a takeaway!

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We at Rúibín have decided to re-open as a takeaway. We are doing so in a manner that will keep both us and our customers safe. All orders & payments take place online. For every order, a time slot must be selected. It can only be selected once and there is a 10-minute gap between each one. The transaction will be completely contactless. All orders are placed through our website

Fran McCann's jazz inspired take on life

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GOING PLACES, whether metaphorically, thematically, or stylistically, is the theme of That Other Life, the new exhibition by Fran McCann, which opens this week in The Kenny Gallery.

Traditional wholesome homemade soda bread

This is a delicious, easy to make and healthy bread recipe, courtesy of the team at Bord Bia.

Fran McCann is Almost There!

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FRAN MCCANN'S ART might owe more to Myles Davis or John Coltrane than to any visual artist. It can be seen in his subject matter, and in his method - a painter's equivalent of a jazz's spontaneous riffs and improvised chords.


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