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Local Slimming World groups return to face-to-face support network

Slimming World’s research, with its 1.1 million members, highlights that being part of a group is key to slimming success.

Eat chocolate while on a diet? - Surely not, I hear you say!

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What about the calories, all that sugar, the sweet, sweet taste. There is no way you can be enjoying your food and seeing results, right?

The best way to lose weight over 40

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Why does it seem to be so much harder to lose weight when we hit the Big 4-0? Has something magical happened overnight? More importantly, is there any remedy to the situation?

A guilt-free guide to eating out

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As the world gradually starts to open back up, we now have the opportunity to eat out in the fantastic restaurants, bars and eateries in our locality.

Stop focusing on scale weight

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Scale fluctuations can not only ruin a person’s day but can even end up derailing their diet. But what if I told you that your weight is not the best method for measuring your fat loss progress?

What is bad or good for you to eat? It can be hard to know sometimes

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It seems like you can’t turn on your TV or open your social media without being bombarded with some program or article lambasting you with views that some sort of food is 'bad for you'; often with very one-sided views and ulterior motives.

Irish teenagers are missing out on important nutrients

Irish teenagers are not getting adequate quantities of important nutrients in their diets, with a significant number missing out on their recommended daily intake of calcium (51 per cent) and vitamin D (94 per cent), research has found.

Are all calories equal?

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What’s the best way to approach your calories when it comes to fat loss? Are all calories equal? Simply put, yes - how much you eat is the most important factor for fat loss.

Nutrition & You’ - Free online event with expert dietitians

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Ever wondered why gut health is so important or why some people never seem to put on weight? With so much information out there right now, it can sometimes be difficult to separate fact from fiction.

Are you someone who is constantly trying but struggling to lose body fat?

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You’ve probably heard in the past that a calorie deficit is key to losing body fat and this is 100% true. In theory it all sounds so simple, however sometimes, the application can be much more difficult than the theory.


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