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Help for psoriasis sufferers

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Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition characterised by raised patches of red and scaly skin.

Santa snacks for Christmas Eve

Santa has his work cut out for him on Christmas Eve with literally billions of presents to deliver to all the good boys and girls around the world. Most houses will leave out a snack to help Santa on his way; but what is the best snack to aid all this hard work?

The game of conkers

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In the days before television, computers, or iPads, children often had to be inventive to amuse themselves. When it came to street games they were well able to use their imaginations as they played games like Jackstones, O’Grady Says Do This, Tops, Queenie Queenie, Rover Red Rover, One Two Three Redlight, Jack Jack Show the Light, London Bridge is Falling Down, Cad, skipping, hobbies, marbles, and slides (in winter). Another traditional seasonal game, usually played in September, October, and November, was ‘conkers’ using the seeds of horse chestnut trees. The term conker applies to the tree as well as the seed and there are several theories as to where the name came from. The nut is found in a prickly case which falls from the tree. It is drilled using a nail, sometimes a compass (be careful not to stick yourself!), and then a piece of string is run through it with a knot tied at one end to secure the conker.

Trad Lunchtimes @ Monroe’s

ALEXANDER NUT and dBridge will be delivering the DJ sets at Factory on Eglinton Street this weekend night as part of the Galway Fringe Festival.

Going nuts about your diet

Nuts can be a healthy addition to everyone’s diet. Although nuts are fairly high in calories, eating some nuts in your diet is associated with reductions in heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

Eat well, feel well!

Over the coming weeks Lynda McFarland from Athlone Nutrition Clinic will offer quick and easy recipes and advice to incorporate into your daily regime to help you feel and look great.

Nuts about Hallowe’en

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We all know that this time of year is one that children look forward to for months. What to dress up as and where is best to go trick or treating? However, most of all what ‘goodies’ will I get? Are Hallowe’en ‘goodie bags’ all about junk foods or can we make them healthier?

Swing your nuts at the Irish Conker Championships

It’s that time of year again - time to unleash the conker champion inside! Freshford village is once again to come alive to the sound of conker bashers this year - the tenth anniversary of the Irish Conker Championships.


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