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What is causing the redness of your nose and face?

If you have with redness on your nose and face, you might be suffering from red veins, spider veins, or rosacea.

Tips for relieving those cold and flu symptoms from Dolan’s Pharmacy

The common cold is viral and will last for up to 10 days and will leave you feeling flat with symptoms like blocked noses, coughs, and nasal drips.

Tips for relieving those cold and flu symptoms from Dolan’s Pharmacy

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Many of us will catch a cold this winter and cold remedies seem to be as common as the common cold itself. 

It’s time to tell hayfever to get stuffed

The longer evenings, better weather, and the emerging colourful displays of flowerbeds is a welcome change to some after the dark and gloomy winter, but for hayfever sufferers it means a battle with bouts of sneezing, a congested nose, and runny eyes. Desperate sufferers go to great lengths for relief, but herbal remedy provider A Vogel shows how nature can offer relief to its own problem.

Benefits of salt for respiratory conditions

Salt has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial actions. Once salt particles are breathed into the lungs, the salt absorbs bacteria and clears away mucus which blocks the airways.

Acupuncture and hay fever

A patient came into the Chinese Acupuncture Care clinic complaining of sneezing, runny nose, eyes that were red, itchy and watery, headache, blocked sinuses, and being unable to sleep.

Ease that sneeze

Sneezing, runny/blocked nose, red, watery, itchy eyes and an itchy throat. If you are currently under seige from these symptoms then you may be one of the 15 per cent of people who suffers from the summertime misery known as hayfever.


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