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Time to rip it up and start again

It’s time to rip it up and start again, nothing else will do for the Ireland we currently find ourselves in. Politically, institutionally, and economically, staying wedded to our current ideologies is no longer an option. They have proven to be either failures or past their sell-by date.

Australia’s Pete Jonas @ The Comedy Club

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“A sleek professional act whose pace, emphasis, and rhythm of his delivery is spot-on. A rock-solid act guaranteed to entertain.”

The strange case of Warden Bodkin’s hand...

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In March 1838, workmen, under the supervision of a Mr Clare, were carrying out repairs on the vaults and tombs near the main altar of St Nicholas’ Collegiate Church. They made a remarkable discovery. A body, which had rested in a tomb for 129 years, had been discovered incorrupt. Incredibly it was the remains of the last Roman Catholic warden John Bodkin, who when handing over the keys of the church to Williamite soldiers, after the town’s surrender on July 26 1691, cried out in despair: “ My God, that my right hand may not decay until the key of this church be restored to its proper owners”.

Welcome to the world

So at long last, ye’re here. We’ve been expecting ye. Tis great to see ye. In fact, with the economy the way it is, ‘tis great to see anyone. C’mon on in, pull up a chair, get a drink for yerself and sit down and relax. You’re in Galway. Now, not being from around these parts, ye may not know what that entails, so I’ll tell ye. It means ye can chill out, cool the jets and relax in the coolest place in Ireland.

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