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Letter from Ted Hughes to Assia’s sister, Celia Chaikin, April 14 1969

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Dear Celia, I should have written to you long ago but I’ve felt so absolutely smashed and not capable of talking to any one about what happened (three weeks earlier, her sister Assia had gassed herself, with her four-year-old daughter, Shura,). Your letter was a lot of support to me. I always liked you in your letters, and in what Assia told me about you, and you said just what was needed.

Letter from Ted Hughes to his brother Gerald, April 1966

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This place is a mild paradise for me at present. We moved yesterday, from our sumptuous home, to a much older, wilder place - £2 a week, a house annexed to a big farm (big for this region) at the top of Cleggan bay - right on the west coast.

Letter to Sylvia Plath from Ted Hughes (March 1956)

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Sylvia, That night was nothing but getting to know how smooth your body is. The memory of it goes through me like brandy. If you do not come to London to me, I shall come to Cambridge to you. I shall be in London, here, until the 14th. Enjoy Paris...Ted. And bring back brandy. Two bottles.

‘I saved myself from being bullied with the plays I wrote’

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GALWAY HAS been enriched with many artistic immigrants down the years and among their number is Swedish playwright and translator Ann Henning Jocelyn.

Who will win and lose at tomorrow’s polls?

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All of the declarations have been finalised for tomorrow’s ‘Galway County Council Local Summer Festival’ which will see 74 runners and riders go to post for what promises to be a day of high excitement for owners and trainers alike.

Castlebar Pantomime presents Sleeping Beauty

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Man faces 10 months in jail for stealing skin cream and chocolate

A man who broke into an Athlone beauty salon and stole 20 bottles of skin lotion, a pair of shoes, and a box of chocolates, had his sentencing postponed in the District Court this week (January 25) after the judge learned he had an outstanding suspended sentence in Galway.

Lucky break for Samaritan turned thief

A man who started with “the best of intentions” but succumbed to temptation “on a silly, spur of the moment decision”, was given the benefit of the Probation Act in court this week (September 22).

Lady's champion is not so heroic with Gardai

A man who claimed he was defending a barmaid's honour was fined €750 in the District Court this week (July 8) for his part in the ensuing public order ruckus.


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