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Hammer horror accomplices charged


Man who threatens gardaí faces 18 months - and it wasn’t even his car

A judge questioned the intelligence of a man this week (March 5) who threatened gardaí whilst still under the restrictions of a suspended sentence.

Man gets six months for failing six months of drugs tests

A man who tested positive for a “plethora of drugs” every fortnight since July after promising then to get off them was jailed for six months this week (February 5).

Three Westmeath women appear before judge after Clara market melee

Three Westmeath women have been warned that if they engage in further violent disorder, they will be jailed.

Mum who trespassed with kids gets chance

A mother of ten who had a bail application refused because of 22 warrants issued against her in the last two years, had a jail sentence for trespassing with a number of her children suspended in the District Court this week (December 15) when the judge heard of her dire circumstances.

Midlands most wanted mother gets just one week’s grace

A mother of 10, who is wanted in four counties, and with half a dozen bench warrants outanding against her name, had a previously applied 11-month jail sentence adjourned for just seven days in the District Court this week (March 3) to allow her one final attempt at instructing her solicitor.

Banned mother threatened with jail

A mother of four was warned she would face prison on the next occasion after she was convicted for driving without insurance for the second time in a year, and banned from driving for four years at a special sitting of the District Court this week (February 1).

Trolley dolly off her trolley gets 30 days

A young woman who attempted to shoplift a whole trolleyful of groceries by just walking out the front door of a supermarket, was given a month in jail at the District Court this week (June 10).


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