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Cocktail favourites and their origin around the world

Ever wondered where a Cosmopolitan comes from, or if a Long Island iced tea really is from Long Island?

The American Civil War helped the Irish find acceptence

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Week II

New radio station to begin broadcasting this weekend

A new radio station will start broadcasting in Galway this weekend when Freedom FM airs on 87.9FM.

A time when the Irish were not welcome

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Between the years 1845 and 1855 more than 2.1 million people emigrated from Ireland. They streamed into Liverpool, Manchester, Boston and New York. Many were diseased, hungry, dirty, broken spirited, with barely any personal belongings. Some embarked actually naked.

‘Take A Chance’ on Crescent Moon’s new single

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CRESCENT MOON, the Galway rapper and producer has released his latest single, 'Take A Chance', a song about self-improvement and self-confidence.

Mayo based artist's new exhibition at The Kenny Gallery

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A new exhibition of original paintings by Mayo based artist Paula Pohli, opens at The Kenny Gallery today, Friday September 10.

An astonishing rescue

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There can be no greater horror for passengers and crew than facing death on a burning ship in a heavy sea, that was sinking by its bow. Which death would you choose? Stay on board and be burnt? Or chance your luck in the waves?

Galway’s ‘Titanic’ burst into flames in the Atlantic

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On Saturday October 6 1860 approximately one hundred miles out from Boston, the PS Connaught, one of the biggest and most spectacular transatlantic ships of its day, hit a storm, and sprung a leak. As water poured into the engine room, an auxiliary coal-fired engine was started which sparked a fire which rapidly spread out of control. Flames and smoke forced the 591 passengers and crew on to the top deck.

‘I’m thrilled to finally be back on stage in front of a live audience’

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In March 2020, Zara Devlin had been busy rehearsing for her starring role in the musical Sing Street in which she was due to make her Broadway debut. But Covid put the lights out on America's theatre capital, and instead Zara went home to Co. Tyrone. This is Zara’s story in her own words.

Druid on the radio with a New York murder mystery

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DRUID THEATRE Company is no stranger to the stage at home and abroad, but radio plays are a different matter. That changes this month when Druid performs Sorry, Wrong Number.


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