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Treat carpal tunnel syndrome with Care Cure Acupuncture

Traditional Chinese Medicine is very effective in treating the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) which is an injury associated with the peripheral nerve tissues and their responses. CTS is a nerve entrapment which manifests itself as pain, numbness, or weakness in the forearm, wrist, or hand. People with this condition can experience difficulty in discerning hot from cold sensations while others experience it as a deterioration of local tendons, muscles, ligaments, and sinew. It can be brought on from an injury to the nerves or as a side effect of pregnancy.

Top tips for your brain and memory health

By Dr Marilyn Glenville

On being autistic: a personal witness

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IN HIS extraordinary book, The Reason I Jump - One Boy’s Voice From The Silence Of Autism, Naoki Higashida, an autistic boy aged 13, writes: “We are misunderstood and we’d give anything if only we could be understood properly...Please, understand what we really are, and what we’re going through.”

Dementia and Alzheimer's Coffee Club

Quiz fun for Tadhg’s Wish to Walk

There is some quizzing fun in store at Bosh Bar & Restaurant on Thursday November 27 at 9pm, in aid of a very good cause.

Be illuminated for Culture Night

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CULTURE NIGHT on Friday September 20 will see the opening of the public art project Illuminate at 6pm at the Nun’s Island Theatre.

Help Mischa walk

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Mischa Gleeson (aged six) from Louisburgh is just like all other little girls her age, she loves to play and have fun. But Mischa has spastic diplegia cerebral palsy which restricts her movement and makes her muscles tight which makes it impossible for her to walk like other children her age. Fortunately Mischa has just been accepted to have an operation. The selective dorsal rhizotomy operation involves cutting the nerves at the base of Mischa's spine that cause the abnormal tone in her legs. This will permanently reduce the spasticity in Mischa's lower limbs, improving her sitting and standing postures significantly.

A future vision for stroke rehab

A new concept in stroke rehab has been created by two local chartered physiotherapists, Karen Roberts and Daniel Szoska, who share 30 years’ experience in delivering neurological rehabilitation.

Lack of epilepsy care highlighted

People with epilepsy, both in Kilkenny and the southeast, are not receiving adequate services, according to Brainwave – The Irish Epilepsy Association.

Cairde ChiarraĆ­ table quiz

Cairde Chiarraí, the Kerrypeople’s Association in Galway, is holding a table quiz to raise funds for GRÁ Autism Parents Support Group.

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