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Honesty and family support for safer senior driving

Road safety and breakdown organisation in Britain, GEM Motoring Assist, says older drivers can stay safer for longer by reflecting on their driving and being honest about tasks they may find more difficult.

Drivers advised to regularly check tyres

A road safety and breakdown organisation in the UK is urging motorists to make regular checks on their tyres, to ensure tread depths are sufficient and pressures are correct.

Take care on country roads in deer mating season

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The coming weeks will see a significant rise in the risk of collisions with deer on Irish and UK roads, warns road safety organisation Gem Motoring Assist. This is the time of year when deer will be breeding, a process which makes them more mobile and brings many more of them onto the roads, says Gem.

Five ways to keep calm on stressful road journeys

Drivers are being encouraged to avoid getting involved in conflicts on journeys. The advice follows the two-year suspended prison sentence handed to a man following a ‘road rage’ attack in August last year. When the jailed man was former actor Harvey Spencer Stephens, who sprang to fame as devil child Damien in the 1976 movie The Omen, it caught greater public attention.

Be well rested and alert on driving holidays

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Drivers need to be properly rested before setting off on long journeys, says breakdown and road safety organisation GEM. The advice comes as families from across the country begin summer holiday journeys lasting hours or in some cases even days to the south of France or further afield.


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