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Joyce’s supermarkets blueberry muffins

Makes: 10 muffins

Blueberry muffins


Banana and oat breakfast muffins

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Recently I have had to reprimand my children for their overuse of the ‘N’ word. It is something that I, like many others, find deeply offensive. I have, I think, brought them up well and feel aggrieved that this is how they repay me. Such outrageous behaviour goes against everything that I believe to be right. It started off innocently enough with the five year old slipping the odd ‘N’ word into a sentence. I may have turned a blind eye, anything for a quiet life. Then all of a sudden it escalated into using it everywhere, at every possible opportunity, to my complete mortification. Out loud and in front of other people.

The Prince Bar & Kitchen Baking Corner

Rhubarb and white chocolate muffins

Eat in or out with the Gourmet Tart Company

The Gourmet Tart Company is one of Galway's biggest success stories, as far as food is concerned. The business started out selling cakes from an ironing board in Limerick's Milk Market and now boasts four bakery/delicatessens and a restaurant. What began in 2001 as a small French-style bakery has become a thriving business with very loyal customers. It serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner seven days a week and has both sweet and savoury ranges and quality take-home meals. The shops are bright and white, sleek and efficient. Look for the pink and white sign above the door and the trademark grapefruit-sized meringues streaked with raspberry in the windows.

On the cookery book shelf...

Balancing the glory of a great dessert against the January need to possibly cut back on the December excesses, Bee has come up with a conceptual selection that does not necessarily take the quality and enjoyment out of a good fruitcake, gateau, or muffin. What you do get, however, is such offerings as pistachio and low-fat yogurt cake; mint, caraway, and lemon roulade with half the fat; a butter-free almond and hazelnut gateau; a health conscious beetroot and chocolate cake; fat-free strawberry sponge; and low-fat almond macaroons.

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Have a sweet treat in new Galway tea rooms

Sweetie Pies of Galway has announced the opening of its tea rooms and cake shop in Middle Street at the heart of Galway.

Tasty treats

Baked Eggs with Smoked Ham and Mushrooms


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