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House premiums slowing but sizeable increases in Midlands region - IPAV

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Commenting on the most recent CSO Residential Property Price Index for September, IPAV, the Institute of Professional Auctioneers and Valuers, says the slowing rate of increase in prices mirrors IPAV’s own findings in its six monthly barometer of prices achieved by auctioneers and is likely to continue for the remainder of the year.

Mortgage rules changes do not go far enough - IPAV

While welcoming the changes to be made to the Central Bank macroprudential mortgage rules, IPAV, the Institute of Professional Auctioneers & Valuers, said they do not go far enough, especially for wage earners on under €60,000.

Athlone Credit Union offering members a mortgage product to suit all needs

Whether building, buying or trading up Athlone Credit Union has the mortgage to suit your needs.

Vibrant four bedroom Annsfield Woods property certain to attract potential investor

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6 Annsfield Wood

Mortgage holders advised to review existing policies - Brokers Ireland

Responding to the ECB interest rate increase of 0.75 percent, Brokers Ireland said even though predicted by some commentators the fact that it is on the higher side is very disquieting for consumers with the real worry now being the unknown one of how long such increases will go on for and what level they will reach.

Finance your green car with a Credit Union Electric Vehicle loan

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Electric Vehicle sales in Ireland are on the up. In January 2022, 21.0% of all new cars licensed for the first time were electric or plug-in hybrid electric, according to the latest CSO figures.

Mayo projects supported by Western Investment Fund which has returned a 2.5 times growth rate

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A unique fund set up 20 years ago to invest public money in West of Ireland-based businesses has generated a return of almost two-and-a-half times its original value and helped provide Ireland’s economy with a €3.3 billion boost, new research has revealed.

Consumers advised to act now and review mortgage before ECB rate rise

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Responding to the Central Bank Retail Interest Rates for June, Brokers Ireland has stated: "While there is a very welcome and further narrowing of the gap between Ireland and the euro area average interest rate, with Irish mortgage holders now paying less than 1pc (0.78pc) over and above the euro area average - it is of no practical effect to borrowers who should concentrate on getting the best mortgage rate available in the Irish market; and who should do so in the very short window left before the ECB raises its rate further as it has already indicated."

Majority believe mortgage or rent will be the biggest lifetime cost

As average property prices rise to €250,749 and monthly rent hits €1,222 in Westmeath, 50% of people in Ireland believe mortgage or rent will be the biggest lifetime cost

Mortgage holders to seek professional advice on current market interest rates - Brokers Ireland

Responding to the ECB interest rate increase of 0.5 percent, Brokers Ireland said it “marks the beginning of a new era and predicting where the rate will end up with any degree of accuracy is like fortune telling.”


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