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Having spoken about the importance of looking after your skin from the inside out last week, and before we move onto the more detailed steps when looking after your skin, I would like to introduce my favourite ESPA facial with an exclusive offer for readers of the Galway Advertiser.

Moisturising is key for dry skin conditions

Evaporation of water on the skin leads to dry skin conditions like eczema. Skin hydration is a key component of their overall management. Lotions which have a high water and low oil content can worsen dry skin via evaporation and trigger a flare up of the disease. However, thick creams like Whelehans Moisturising Cream which have a low water content, or ointments (eg petroleum jelly, emulsifying ointment), which have zero water content, will better protect against dry skin.

Sensitive skin? Meet your new best friends!

Ziaja introduce a new SenSitive Skincare collection that caters specifically for very sensitive skin types. Sensitive skin is a concern for over 60 per cent of Irish women who say they experience stinging or redness after using everything from face washes and moisturisers to make-up.

Eco friendly Christmas gifts from Weleda

It’s weeks away but some savvy shoppers are already on the lookout for Christmas bargains.

New Vichy range available at Staunton’s Pharmacy

Inspired by the unique experience provided at the renowned Vichy Spa Institute, the Aqualia Thermal range welcomes a breakthrough product that goes beyond intense hydration, offering a true spa experience at home.

MooGoo — a real alternative to chemicals and steroids for troubled skin

MooGoo, the Australian natural skincare range, a real alternative to chemicals and steroids for troubled skin, is now available all over Ireland.

Tanning perfection with Hayes and Hayes Pharmacy

At Hayes and Hayes Pharmacy, Portumna’s centre for cosmetics, get advice from Tracey, Tina, and Angie on the correct use of self-tanning agents. Products include St Tropez, Karora, Cocoa Brown, and Tantastic.

Good daily care is needed to manage eczema

Dry skin conditions, such as eczema, can be very distressing. It is a non-infectious, recurring inflammatory skin disease where the skin becomes dry, itchy or scaly, red and may weep, bleed or crust over. Bacteria or viruses may infect it also.

Pamper your skin this winter at The Laser and Skin Clinic

When the weather turns cold, the first part of your body to feel the impact of winter conditions is your skin. Cold weather can sap the moisture from your skin, causing dryness and irritation. The Laser and Skin Clinic uncover five ways to keep your skin glowing this winter to make sure you look your best during the party season!

Get an all time natural radiant glow with Karora

Karora is an exciting new Irish skin–care which will help you to achieve a natural golden radiance all year around. It aims to protect your skin against cold and harsh weather. Most women love the feeling of having a tanned and even skin even through–out the winter time. Karora also has an anti–ageing SPF 15 and the formula will boost your skin’s tone, radiance and protection. Therefore it is not just a self tanning product, it is natural and good for your skin compared to other chemical laden cosmetics.


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