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Covid 19 pandemic - impact on Leaving Cert students

There has been a rapid shift in students’ lives from “the norm” to one of uncertainty due to the Covid-19 pandemic which is impacting people all over the world. The pandemic has caused increased levels of stress, anxiety, and fear for individuals and communities. Students are experiencing a number of difficulties dealing with the many layers created by Covid-19. While efforts are being taken to contain the spread of Covid-19, which is critical at this point, there are a number of concerns and issues being raised psychologically for people and in particular students. Leaving Cert students are dealing with a disruption to their typical way of learning and a level of uncertainty surrounding achieving their goals and aspirations.

More than 73,000 applicants meet CAO normal deadline

The Central Applications Office normal application deadline closed at 5.15pm on Saturday February 1. A total of 73,035 people applied by this deadline. This figure does not represent the total number of CAO applicants, as a late application facility opens on March 5 and closes on the May 1 at 5.15pm.

CAO application deadline this weekend

The CAO is urging students who have not yet completed their application to do so immediately, particularly mature applicants, applicants for the HEAR or DARE schemes, or those who are thinking about applying for a restricted course.

Know Your Rights - Applying to college

The closing date for applying to college was 1 February. Can I still apply?

Making a good start to CAO Application 2017 this month

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