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Get a head turning style with The Hair Boutique

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Olive Gavin owns and runs The Hair Boutique on Chapel Street in Castlebar.

When art meets hair

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Having recently opened a new salon on Sean Costello Street, Mary Duffy is already putting Athlone on the map after picking up a national hairdressing award.

Milano on Middle Street

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It is easy to see why many parents of young children avoid restaurants and prefer to eat at home. The thrown food will hit only members of the immediate family, and few things match the embarrassment of a meltdown in a restaurant. But sometimes it’s necessary, and even fun, to eat out. Many parents want to dine out in a way that doesn’t involve plastic trays or eating leftover cocktail sausages while watching over your child in a pool of multi-coloured balls. It is important to choose a child-friendly restaurant, preferably one casual and loud enough to absorb any noise your little darlings might make. Years ago, before Dominos had come to town and Papa Johns was not even invented, there were only two options for pizza, for two different stages of your life. Monroe’s in Dominick Street was our preference for a slice before children, a great pre– or post–pub spot. In Galway, when you first have a baby, the traditional starting point is Milano on Middle Street.


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