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#BlackLivesMatter protest postponed as Mayor expresses Covid-19 risks

A protest march scheduled for the city centre this weekend in solidarity with victims of racism has been called off due to concerns about the health risks posed by such a large gathering.

A hero’s welcome for ‘Miracle Man’ Paddy

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Paddy Grant looked out of his bedroom window each day hoping to spot a seagull and a crow. All he usually saw was scaffolding and a blue sky peeping in between the gaps in the large steel frame.

Getting To Know...

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What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Lockdown views: Mayor Mike Cubbard

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"I plan on catching up with family and friends; we don't realise how much we rely on social interaction with them until it is gone. I look forward to enjoying the simple things in life such as playing football with the children in the park, walking the prom, etc, stuff we possibly took for granted prior to Covid-19.

Mayor calls on public to fly a flag to show solidarity with city's frontline workers

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In a show of solidarity with, and recognition of the dedication and courage of frontline workers during the coronavirus crisis, the current mayor, and a predecessor, are flying the tricolour from their houses.

Mayor demands Government enact 'complete lockdown' to stop spread of Covid-19

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"A complete lockdown of the country" is urgently required by the Government and health officials, to ensure complete success in combating "the most serious and challenging public health crisis" in the history of the State.

Mayor calls on banks to show 'leadership and compassion' when it comes to mortgage payments

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A moratorium on commercial rates, insurance rebates, and mortgage and rent freezes, are urgently required to assist individuals, and small/medium businesses to withstand the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Mayor cancels States trip because of rise in Covid-19

The Mayor of the Galway City Council has confirmed that he has cancelled his proposed trip to the USA for St Patrick’s Day due to the rise of cases in Covid-19 across Seattle.

Get Covid-19 info from reliable sources, urges Mayor

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The Mayor of Galway city is urging the public to ensure they obtain information about Covid-19 from reliable sources as nationwide efforts are stepped up in the wake of a spike in the number of cases of the virus.

Coronavirus - 'look after each other and stay calm' advises councillor

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Panic buying toilet paper, hand sanitisers, and foods because of Coronavirus will "disadvantage vulnerable people and leave them unable to access basic needs", a Galway city councillor has warned.


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