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Post office communications

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This photograph of a group of postmen was taken on December 17 1928 outside the General Post Office in Eglinton Street. The sorting office was inside the double gate, as was the long narrow passage that brought one into the back of the post office. The car in the background was a Model T. Notice the cobbled footpath.

The romance of steam

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In late October 1890, Arthur J Balfour, nephew of the Conservative leader Lord Salisbury of the time, and recently appointed Chief Secretary of Ireland, went on a walking tour of the distressed districts along the Galway and Mayo coast. Accompanied only by his sister, and local officials who joined them as they passed through different districts, they travelled without police escort. Remembering that it was only eight years since the Phoenix Park Murders* it was a brave gesture. But Balfour was probably the best of them.** He was genuinely anxious to improve the conditions of the area. He had influence in London, and an imaginative grasp of his brief for Ireland. He met and talked with the local community leaders, listened to what they had to say; and sat by the open fires listening to the mná tí.

Oranmore lands that hosted the original Galway Races for sale

Lands with a historic link to the Galway Races will be auctioned for sale on November 4 in Oranmore.

Shannon finally gets her Royal date

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After a gap of 55 years, the unromantically named “Barge No3” will take up where the “Hark” left off, and on September 30 become the first vessel in over half a century to navigate the Royal Canal all the way to the Shannon.


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